Year 12 HSC Update

Dear Year 12 students and families,

You have been at the forefront of our minds this week as we have worked our way through the changing COVID landscape, government regulations and health orders. 

As explained in the letter to senior school families, all students, including Year 12 students, will attend lessons next week in an online environment facilitated by Zoom, Google Classroom and/or Microsoft OneNote.  We acknowledge that learning this way is not optimal but necessary to ensure our community remains safe. 

The research centre will be open next week, from Tuesday – Friday for year 12 students whose parents are essential workers or students who are genuinely unable to effectively learn from home. 

Subjects including visual arts, design and technology, music and drama have been given approval by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to have face to face lessons where appropriate, so that students are able to continue developing their major projects and performances.  The heads of department from these subject areas, namely Mrs Israel (visual arts), Ms Togher (design and technology), Mr Gresham (music) and Ms Martin (drama) will write to the students and parents of these courses to inform them of which days and lessons the students need to attend on site.  On these days we would ask that these students attend all their lessons on site, supervised in the research centre so they are able to punctually attend each class.  This would also including following the school’s COVIDsafe measures, namely entering the campus via 26 Albion Street (Gate1), signing in via both the school check in system and the QR code, wearing a mask at all times and regularly using the sanitising stations.  Students learning onsite need to wear their PE uniform.

In writing to Principals today the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) expressed their “…strong message to students is to focus on their studies and take care of their wellbeing.  Processes are in place to ensure no student is disadvantaged by COVID and their hard work is recognised…”  The school reinforces this message and wants to reassure students and families that NESAs processes are fair and have the students best interest always at the centre of any decision making.  I would like to remind and encourage students to continue to take advantage of the strong support structures that they have both at home and at school.  In the case of school, please do not hesitate to ask teachers, academic coaches, Ms Graffen or I for any additional assistance and support required. 

In order to support Year 12 students who cannot genuinely study from home we will also be opening the prep centre 4pm-9pm next week from Tuesday – Friday.  The same COVID measures will be in place and I would ask those student who need to attend to pre-register via a Google form that Ms Schey will email to you.

Importantly, I also wish to advise that the Trial HSC examinations have been rescheduled.  They will now take place from Monday 9 August to Monday 23 August inclusive.  Mrs Taylor will be emailing to students and parents the new schedule for these examinations.  This change in date is required largely because the external provider we use for these examination papers have altered their schedule.  For St Catherine’s, it means the students will now have more time to prepare for these examinations and teachers will be able to almost finish (or in some cases finish) the course content, meaning that these examinations will be a closer representation of the final HSC examination.  

Please be assured that the rapidly changing advice regarding COVID and what it means for schools and the HSC is being closely monitored.  Any changes or updates will be promptly provided to you.

Kind regards,
Kylie McCullah

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