Senior School COVID update to families from Ms McCullah

Dear senior school parents,

Following Mrs Worsley recent COVID update to parents, I can confirm the following arrangements are in place to support learning in the senior school. 

The current senior school online learning timetable will continue in its current form, while the lockdown is still in place.

We appreciate that learning from home is not ideal, particularly when textbooks and other materials have been kept at school.  Only if it is essential to your daughter’s learning online program, she is permitted to come on site this Friday 16 July, from 7.30am-4.30pm to collect materials from her lockers.  If this is the case, students can only enter the school from Gate 1. They must check in via the QR code and the school’s check-in system, wear a mask, use the sanitising stations and social distance. 

Further to this, we encourage those students who live in the immediate local school area, with parent permission, collect their resources during recess (45min) and lunch (1 hour).  Years 11 and 12 students, again with parent permission may collect their items during their study period, if convenient.  This will support us in managing the number of students onsite.

I will be in communication with Year 12 students and families, when I receive additional advice from NESA regarding the HSC.

Our continued best wishes to each family as we navigate another 2 weeks of lockdown.

Kind regards,

Kylie McCullah
Head of Academics

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