Year 12 virtual prep centre

Dear year 12 students and parents/guardians,

Congratulations on making it to the end of week 1 of online learning.  It is not easy, and you have managed so well.

Next week, the virtual prep centre will be open from 5-7pm.  We thought the slightly later time will provide students with a larger break from their devices, before making use of this opportunity. 

The roster for next week is as follows:

Monday 19.7.2021

Mrs  Taylor, Ms Krauss, Mr Vincent

Tuesday 20.7.2021 –

Ms Lamour, Ms Starling, Ms Walton

Wednesday 21.7.2021 –

Ms Togher, Mr McMurdo, Ms Kojenikov

Thursday 22.7.2021 –

Ms Chronis, Ms Starling, Mr Vincent

Friday 23.7.2021 –

Mr Bilmon, Mrs Taylor, Ms Chronis

Kind regards,
Kylie McCullah

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