Trial HSC Update – 29 July

Dear Year 12 students and families,

In light of  the government’s announcement yesterday concerning face to face classes for Year 12 students I am writing to advise that we have made the decision to reschedule the Trial HSC examinations to Wednesday 18 August – Wednesday 1 September.  This change in date is required largely because the external provider we use for these examination papers have altered their schedule.  We are also pleased to confirm that the delivery of these exams will be face to face, providing Year 12 students with the best method to demonstrate their knowledge and have their hard work recognised. Mrs Taylor will be emailing to students and parents the new schedule for these examinations. 

For St Catherine’s specifically, lessons on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 August will become revision based.  Year 12 students will follow their regular timetable and teachers will have the option to provide this revision time in person (on site) or via zoom. Year 12 students will also have the option to come on site if they wish, or follow the revision session over zoom.  As you would appreciate members of our community, both staff and students, travel from multiple local government areas, so this decision allows everyone to select the mode of revision that best suits their individual circumstances. 

Once we receive additional advice regarding how the logistical arrangements for the rapid antigen testing will occur, these will be explained to you.  In addition, I will also be writing to you about the COVIDsafe arrangements for these examination, once updated health advice is received.

We look forward to welcoming Year 12 students back on site for the Trial HSC examinations.

Kind regards,

Kylie McCullah
Head of Academics

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